What is Technical Analysis of Stocks ?

Many schools of thought exist for technical analysis of stocks. Technical analysis is the study of volume and price. It also deals with the correct use of these factors. It translates bottom lines and rules for profit and loss.

Technical analysis uses past data available in the form of charts and graphs. Tools like bar charts and trading volumes are available. The strategy refers to the study of stock’s movements. Depending on the past behavior, we assume the future behavior of the stocks.

Why Technical Analysis is Important in Share Market

Many factors impact the movement of the stocks. These factors ratios of earnings to price and new products. The economic cycle is also a major factor. The analysis generally tracks the patterns that are repetitive. These patterns predict future trends too. Hence, the very first importance lies in predictions. Market forecasts help investors to do a smart trade. The acts of buying and selling happen on the basis of emotions of investors. Investors and traders behave in a certain manner under some conditions out of fear and greed. This pattern of behavior results in certain market conditions. Study of this pattern is important. It helps in knowing the possibilities in share market.

Types of Technical Analysis

The basic tool for analysis is the charts. The analysts use various types of charts.

Types of charts for TA:

  • Line charts

  • Bar charts

  • Point-figure charts

  • Candlestick charts

Some charts are also reflected in various scales like algorithmic scale. The type of chart varies as per the information an analyst wants to focus on. The best feature of the analysis charts is a concise display of the large data.

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Scope and Benefits of Technical Analysis

The analysis is useful for equity traders, commodity traders, and forex. Day by day the scope of the charts is increasing. The skills of analysis are reaping good returns.

Here are the key benefits of the technical analysis of stocks:

  1. Tracking the Trends

As said above, the biggest benefit of TA is aprediction. The main use as well advantage is forecasting market trends.

  1. Right Timing Predictions

Right decision at the right time plays an important role in trading. With the help of charts, traders predict the right entry and exit points.

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  1. Affordable and Faster

The analytical tools help us to understand the future trends faster. We can study the movements of the market even in the case of a trend reversal. The technical analysis is quite affordable. Charting software is less expensive.

  1. Large Multi-purpose Data

Tools or charts increase your access to the volume data. A brief chart or diagram will inform you a huge data. The analysis is useful in long term investment, swing trading, and short term trading. It gives lots of information like trends, resistance, and market volatility. It also shows you investor’s behavior and trader’s psychology.

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Reliability of the Analysis of Stocks

There is a vast scope to trade well with the smart use of charts. A skill of reading the charts can do wonders. The charts use the proven factors in innovative ways. Forecasting and right enter and exit timings are major.Early signals are also the main benefits. The modern day technical analysis is more reliable. It is smart due to the use of computers and internet.


Investors also need to learn how to use the analysis. Do not forget trend reversals while using the analysis. Only depending upon the charts is risky. Hence, a smart use of TA tools is wise. Using it as a supporting tool is good. Never make it a sole factor to trade is the best way.

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