Benefits of Online Share Trading Account in India

Introduction of online share trading account in India took place in 1996. Due to this, investing in shares and securities is much easier. The process is now simple and quick. The best part is that investor can operate their account from anywhere. The only thing you need is an internet access.

The benefits of online share trading are many. We have discussed all the pros of online share trading account in India. The post also gives an insight into buying and selling shares and opening an account.

⇒ How to Open a Trading Account

The online operation of the accounts has made the things easier for the investors. Every account has its own unique identification number. This unique number ensures a smooth transaction for all. All the trading happens online using this account. To open a trading account, select the firm or broker. Submit your application and proof of identity and residential address. Once verification is over, you will get a trading account. You can now login your account and start transactions.

⇒ Advantages of Online Share Trading Account

There are several advantages of the online share trading accounts in share market. It has added convenience to the investors as well. We have picked the top benefits of online transactions in share market.

Convenience for Online Share Trading Account 

Investors can access all the stock exchanges from a single digital platform. From your computers or laptops, you can trade in BSE, NSE, and MCX. This saves a lot of time and hassles on investors’ part.

Easy Access from Anywhere

No matter where are you are, you can access and operate your portfolio online. Use computers, laptops or tablets and phones to access your account.

Greater Transparency and Smooth Transactions

The advancement of online share trading account ensures seamless and transparent transactions. The chances of fraudulent transactions are almost zero. The transfer of shares is possible without any efforts.


The trading platform is now safer than ever before. The risks of fake signature and theft of share certificates are no more. A secure trading platform makes it easier to invest without any fear and doubts.

Greater Control for Investors

Investors can now write off the need for agents. You have a greater control over your own portfolio. An agent’s assistance is good but not essential. Once you know the online operations, you can execute your investments. One can review all the available options online without the help of a broker.

⇒ How to Buy and Sell Share Trading for Beginners :

Use your unique online share trading account to place the Buy Order. Select any of the stock markets to place an order. As the transaction is complete, shares will reflect in your Demat account. Use your account and refer the stock holdings. Select the shares and numbers you want to sell. Place an order to sell on the particular stock exchange. Shares are debit when the transaction is complete. Check your account for verifying debit and credit of the shares.

Online share trading account has given lots of benefits to the brokers and investors. All the requirements of the investors are present at a single place. Its very important to know how to do online trading.

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